Know How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged MOV Files

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.X and above (including Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)

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MOV files are corrupt

Though MOV video files are considered as the most reliable video format, which can be used for sharing files, there are several facts that corrupt and leave your MOV files in an unplayable state. For example, if there is any sort of interruptions like abrupt shut down of your Windows system or abrupt removal of your removable storage device from the Windows computer while transferring MOV files can corrupt the MOV files. So, when you try to open that corrupted MOV file again, you may encounter some error message and MOV file may refuse to open. Other scenarios that cause severe corruption to MOV files are listed below.

#1. Despite there are plenty of reasons behind MOV file corruption. One such reason is that MOV header file corruption. Generally, header of MOV file contains all necessary information like file name, size, created date, and so on, which are essential for accessing MOV file. Therefore, corruption to header file makes MOV file unreadable.

#2. Usage of unreliable tools to fix MOV files can corrupt the MOV video files. Therefore, untrusted and unreliable applications may cause corruption to the entire MOV file structure and make them unplayable.

#3. Round-tripping i.e., converting MOV file to other format and back again to MOV format frequently, downloading MOV file from unknown host, virus attacks, presence of bad sectors, recording MOV video on camera or camcorders even after the free space in its memory card is full, power surges while watching MOV video on your Windows system, etc are some of the factors responsible for the corruption of MOV files.

An eminent tool to repair MOV files on Windows:

Corrupted MOV files can be easily repaired on Windows by using reliable repair tool like MOV Repair software. It supports MOV repair on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, etc. This MOV fix utility is been regarded as an ultimate solution to deal with MOV errors, corruption or damages with the MOV media files. Apart from MOV repair on Windows systems, it also supports repairing corrupt MOV files on Mac machines as well. This is a read-only tool and it does not alter the original MOV file. You can achieve the same video clarity will be even after repairing corrupt MOV files. Moreover, one can employ this tool to recover RAW photos from the computer hard disk drive with utmost ease.

Unique features of Repair MOV tool:

Demo version of the software is available for free download, by running it, you can evaluate whether this tool can repair corrupt MOV file up to your satisfaction or not and you can preview the repaired MOV file. It uses its advanced repairing algorithms to repair corrupt, broken or damaged MOV files on your Windows computers.

  • It scans and repairs corrupt MOV video files within few couple of clicks.
  • After successful repair of the damaged MOV file, you can preview the repaired file in order to evaluate the performance of the tool.
  • Besides, MOV repair on Windows, it even supports other files like MKV, MP4, M4V, etc.
  • You can save the repaired MOV file on any partition or on the external storage device like pen drive, thumb drive, external hard drive, memory card, etc that are accessible by the host operating system. MOV files stored on these storage devices can also be repaired by employing this tool.
  • If needed, anyone of you can implement this software to retrieve files from CF card, MMC card, xD card, SD card, and other memory cards in a hassle-free way.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Procedure to repair damaged MOV files on Windows:

Step 1: Download the demo version of this application from internet and install it in your computer. Then, launch it to open the main screen and browse broken MOV file using "Open" button and click on "Repair".

MOV Repair on Windows - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On next window, browse and select corrupt MOV file. As soon as MOV file gets uploaded, the repair button will turn green. Now, you need to click on "Repair" button to start the repair process as shown in Figure 2.

MOV Repair on Windows - Select Corrupt MOV File

Figure 2: Select Corrupt MOV File

Step 3: This screen indicates the progress of repair operation.

MOV Repair on Windows - Repairing Process

Figure 3: Repairing Process

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Step 4: After a successful completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired MOV file using "Preview repaired file" button before saving.

MOV Repair on Windows - Preview Repaired File

Figure 4: Preview Repaired MOV File

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
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